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Upcoming Shows

sculpture sea horse Snake Trail 2011
Stone 12' X 4'
sculpture dragonfly Snake Trail 2011
Stone 12' x 4'
rabbit Snake Trail 2011
Stone 12' x 4'
marble sculpture Fly By Dragonfly 2011
Stone 48" x 48"
marble engraving of a goat Wiley Goat
Marble 10x14x1.5
sculpture Slippery Character 2011
marble sculpture Sensuality
Marble 18x6x10
engraving Rock Bass
Marble 11x17x1.5
marble carving desire Desire
Marble 9x7x6
minataur stone carving Minotaur (Labyrinth)
Stone 19x15x2
labyrinth engraving stone Labyrinth (Minotaur)
Stone 19x15x2
Ram sky stone
Ram Sky 08
Stone 8.5x9x1
cat stone carving Sunny Cat
Stone 8x5.5x1.5
butterfly stone engraving Fly By Butterfly
Stone 13x8x2
sculpture sea horse Watching Under You
Stone 5x5x2
sculpture dragonfly Flickering
Stone 7.5x7.5x1.5
rabbit Funny Bunny
Stone 8.5x6x1.5
sulpture Green Wrapper
Stone 9x3x1.5
sculpture Watching You
Stone 5x4x10
sculptureButter Up
Stone 9x7x1.5
cozmic cat Cozmic Cat
Stone 9x6x1
slippery charector Slippery Charector 2009
Stone 13x7x2
moon dogAstro
Stone 6x10x2
sculptureSea Horse
Stone 5x11x1.5
stone engraving of an owl Whooter
Stone 6x7x1
engraving Rock Bass
Marble 11x17x1.5
sculpture Sea Siren
Stone 2x2x11
modern sculpture marble The Embrace
Marble 8x10x14